Sunday, December 22, 2013

Tasting Notes on Burton Baton by Dogfish Head

I went back into my stash of beer to pull out something occupy my palate while I wrap presents for the holiday. After searching through my hoards of beer that I have bought and homebrew and I pulled out something that I stashed back in 2010, Dogfish Head Burton Baton.

Here are the stats:
Brewery: Dogfish Head
Location: Milton, Delaware
Style: Imperial Pale Ale
ABV: 10%
IBU: 70
Malts: Not specified
Hops: Not Specified
Availability: Year Round
Original Release Date: Nov. 2011

Bottle Description: This special ale is a two-threaded blend of young and wood-aged imperial IPA. Please share with love ones and hoard it from non-believers. Lush and enjoyable now, this beer ages with the best of them.

Web Description: For Burton Buton, we brew two "threads," or batches, of beer: an English-style old ale and an imperial IPA. After fementating the beers separately in our stainless tanks, they're transferred and blended together in one of our large oak tanks. Burton Baton sits on the wood for about a month. When enjoying the Burton Baton, you'll find an awesome blend of the citrus notes from Northwestern hops melding with woody, vanilla notes from the oak. The wood also tends to mellow the 10% ABV of Burton, so tread cautiously!

Thoughts: The beer pours a deep copper color with a one-finger off-white head that dies quickly to a lacing around the glass. The clarity of the beer is pristine. Toasted and biscuit malts on the nose with other aromas that include dark caramels, dried dark fruits, wood, and, floral and herbal hops. Subtle hints of vanilla in the back. On the front of the palate dark caramel, toffee, and pitted fruits with an undertone of sweet bready malts. Smooth and creamy as the beer flows over the palate, with plenty of herbal and citrus still present after the years. Subtle suggestions of vanilla and brown sugar present in the beer. The beer finishes dry with a huge herbal and oaky punch, but with a mild alcoholic bite. As the beer is drank, the lacy head sticks to the sides of the glass and when swirled in the glass, the beer has nice legs, slowly trickling down the sides of the snifter. It also has a nice alcoholic warmth on the body at 10% ABV.

I still have 2 more from 2010, and 1 from 2011 and 2012 in my hoards. I think the 2010 maybe at its peak of flavours and may have to be drank soon.

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