Saturday, October 19, 2013

Drink beer, that is all....

WARNING: This might come of a little of a rant.

I'm sure that you all have seen this, while sitting in a bar or pub, a conversation that is critical of a beer that a brewery has made. Not because it has gone bad or completely undrinkable, those need to be heard, but because it doesn't fit someones personal standard. Beer is made to be consumed, not to be criticized.

This is troubling to me. Especially people who are brewers and/or work for breweries. What happened with “A rising tide raises all ships”? Then there are those people that are self-professed “beer geek,” or “beer snob.” Okay, I'll admit to it, I have called myself a “beer geek,” but that is not because I love good beer, I do, but I call myself that because I consume knowledge aboot beer. I'll constantly read and learn everything that I can with beer. This is why I consider myself a beer geek.

I'll also admit that I drink “macrobrews.” I don't hide from that fact. In fact, I just opened a Busch Light, because I am at my parents and that is what my fathers drinks. If my father offers me a Busch Light, I will not turn it down because my father offered me a beer. I don't turn my nose up at a beer because it is not popular or is a macrobrew.

I love (if there was a stronger word that that I would use it) craft beer, but I'll drink a Budweiser, Busch, Miller, or Pabst. Some people will not allow themselves to drink what they consider it "garbage.” I know that some people will cringe for me to say this, but the macrobrews make quality beer.

A big thing that makes up quality is consistency. Every Budweiser that you will drink taste exactly the same, unlike some craft breweries. Some craft breweries consistently change what hop they use in a beer and call it the same beer. Also, some breweries cannot consistently hit gravities, this also changes how a beer tastes on the palate.

People that I also consider “snobs” are those that sneers at beers that some breweries make. Because you may be spoiled by a bar or brewery because of the selection that it has doesn't mean that a beer that is made by another brewery is any lesser. Also, another thing that I question of these self-professed beer geeks, is that they criticizes a brewery because they state that all of that brewery's beer tastes the same. I'm sure that there IPA and porter tastes exactly the same. I also think it is a degree of jealousy that people have over a brewery because how popular it is.

Some websites advocates such behaivour. When I review a beer I tell how it tastes on my palate and how the aroma comes across my senses. I try to never criticize or de-construct, pouted over, nor declared insufficiently “hoppy.” I try to stick to BJCP guidelines and try to teach myself flavours and off-tastes.

In my mind, breweries, brewers, and people that drink craft beer need to support all breweries. Good beer is good beer. If I have a drink with you, I don't need you to stoke what you think is your ego near me, because it can get messy.

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