Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Ch, ch, ch, ch, ch changes...

Over the past year I have made a transition in my life. I realized that I was a slave to the academic machine and did not like the way that I was treated in my field. I loved my friends that I made at Miami University of Ohio, but everything else there made me a person that I did not like anymore. I was turning into what my academic advisor wanted me to be; a machine. At first I liked my advisor, he was nice to me, but after some time I got a look under his mask and saw who he really was. In reality, he is a dick. He comes off as nice, but always had snide comments aboot his peers at the university (little do they know that he talks badly aboot them, it's really too bad that I cannot mention to them that he does), and when he was irritated with how you performed, he made off-handed comments showing who he really was.

I got fed up with it and came back and had comments right back towards him. By the end of last April, it was enough. I have clear recollection of the incident where I was blamed for not having the undergraduate's data organized that he handled. For some reason, I was to blame not the undergraduate, even though I kept on her aboot her data. I received an e-mail, not the undergraduate, in how my advisor had to spend the night trying to figure out the data that my undergraduate had sent to him and how I was to blame for not having her organize it. She, of course, did not hear a word. In May I started to look for a job outside academia, in the brewing industry.

To start off, I got no returns on applications or inquiries. Then in July, I had a hit. I had a phone interview, then an in person interview/half-day of work at Aviator Brewing Company in Fuquay-Varina, NC. It was great time, but they decided to go with someone with more experience. Then at the beginning of August I got a call from Founder's Brewing Company, a dream job. They wanted a second interview over Skype, but it wasn't until I was back at school and had teaching duties. I had to turn it down, something that I originally regretted, but have now gotten over. A third interview, that was on site at Ohio Brewing Company in Akron, Ohio went well, but the owner never called me back, even after he told me to check back and he would get back with me. By that time I was ready to leave and tell the university to go to hell with teaching. My co-workers fully supported me also, which was great!

After the new year began, I was on a Research Assistantship and had no teaching duties. My ambitions took off. I started to volunteer at a new upstart brewery in Cincinnati, OH called Mad Tree Brewing Company. This was fun and they really enjoyed me working with them because they saw my passion. I sort of disappeared from the university, and I guess my advisor noted this. Then in April I applied to a posting on and I got a call back. I went back to my original state of Michigan to interview at SaugatuckBrewing Company. I was energized with the whole thing. A few days later, when I was out for drinks with a few fellow graduate students, I got an e-mail letting me know that I had the job if I wanted it.

I had three weeks to tie up loose ends and wrap things up. My advisor was none too please, and with me suddenly leaving, I guess that I would be not happy either. Looking back, I sort of did it out of spite, but I could have been much more vindictive, but I'm not going down that road. Moving was a chore. I had help in the morning of my move from a good friend, but not much other help. I ended up leaving a half-day later that I wanted to.

Starting the new job was fantastic. I got my hands in everything, from quality control, the cellar work, to brewing, I was brought in for my lab work and the ability to do quality control, but I have moved up within the first 10 days and have been trained to brew. Over the past two days I helped brew a batch and have brewed two batches. On Thursday, I get to do one on my own, under supervision of course. This is on top of the quality control work that I have been brought in for.

Now that I have gotten out of the realm of academia, I will be able to put more effort towards other things, including this blog. I will be able to have a life for myself now.

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