Sunday, October 14, 2012

A day in the industry at Avaitor Brewing Company and a review of Hogwild IPA

This past 2 August, I had the chance to interview for a cellerman position at Aviator Brewing Company. I got invited down to Fuquay Varina, NC to hang out and work for the day, while they see how I worked with others in the company. While I did not get offered the job, it was a great experience. Once I arrived, I talked with the owner, Mark Doble, about the company and what there plans were for the next 5 years. He has a great interest in the types and kinds of beer that he brews and is overall, down-to-earth. He asked me about my experience, which I have none in the industry and am looking at getting in, but have plenty homebrewing and science knowledge. 

After talking for an hour I got to meet up with some of the people that works at the brewery. I got asked to work with a couple folks and started cleaning kegs. It is really different from hand washing corny kegs and all it is really is hooking the keg up to a machine, with rinses residues out, then washes it. Then it is hooked to the other end, where it is sanitized and filled with CO2. After completing that task for a little over an hour, I got put on the task of filling kegs. Again, it was really simple to do, but the hard thing was lifting the kegs after they were full (since they probably weighed as much as me). The only problem that kept happening was that the coupler kept getting sticky and would shut off before the keg was filled. We had to constantly knock it on our palms to get it cleared out. 

The people that works at the brewery are super nice.  So, it was a great experience to get to spend some time working in a brewery and would love to get a real job doing this as a career. I had another interview yesterday that I'll blog about later.

While at Aviator, I got to try many of there brews and they sent me home with a few bombers. This is my review of Aviator Brewing Company Hogwild IPA:

Aroma: Before I even got it up to my head, I got huge wafts of citrus and piny hops. The hop aromas were followed by bready and sweet malty notes.

Appearance: A golden copper colour with a two finger bright white head that settles down to only a millimeter off of the beer. A white lacy film sticks to the side of the glass with every sip. Carbonation is very present as the glass sits.

Taste: A barrage of hops of all sorts up front. A lot of piny and grassy notes with the lightest touch of citrus. The more hop-heavy flavour plays well with the bready/semi-sweet malt background. This is a very solid beer.

Mouthfeel: Starts off medium body with carbonation that plays on the tongue. The hop heavy beer leaves the tongue dry as the beer goes over the palate.

Overall: A very solid well made IPA that makes me sad that I cannot get any more living in Ohio.


  1. Well that must have been a cool experience. Keep learning and try again

  2. Thanks man! I did go and interview at Ohio Brewing Company and I'll write on that as soon as I hear back. I look forward to looking at your blog.