Thursday, June 28, 2012

Ode to Grand Rapids, How I Miss Thee...

Ah, Grand Rapids, it has been 4 years now since I have lived in your wonderful graces. For those whom do not know of the city that I speak of, here is a glimpse. Grand Rapids is the second largest city in Michigan behind Detroit. The city is a lively place, exhibiting (I think) more that 7 breweries (Founder's, Hopcat, The Hideout, Schmohz, Brewery Vivant, JadenJames, Harmony) within the city and up to 6 more (New Holland, Pike 51, Rockford, White Flame, Saugatuck, to name a few) within a 30 minute drive. Beside that scene of breweries in the Grand Rapids metropolitan area, home brewing is locally supported by a homebrew/beer store named Siciliano's Market. Other than that, it has many bars, places to eat and other attractions (but this is a beer blog).

The reason for this 'ode' is for one things only. It recently tied (statistically) for “Beer City USA” with Asheville, NC (their fourth year being first or tied for first). This is a pretty good feet, caused by the recent explosion of craft breweries in Michigan. Out of this title, a few of the breweries of the area collaboratively made a “Beer City Pale Ale” out of celebration.

I'm proud of my old city (and proud of the people who brew in this wonderful city).  I do miss you.  I will see you soon enough though!  Just give me a week...

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