Thursday, September 29, 2011

Dayton, OH DRAFT homebrew competition

A few weeks ago, I found out that I took 2nd in the flight for my homebrew, Batch #12, American Barleywine. Now that I have the beer scoresheets, I can blog what the judges thought of the beer. The beer, entry #112, was entered in Category 19C in this AHA/BJCP sanctioned competition. I didn't get as high as a score (35/50) that I thought that I would had, being that I took 2nd in my flight, and got a silver medal.

Here are what the judges thought:

Judge #1 BJCP ID B09796 Apprentice

Descriptor Definitions: Alcoholic - The aroma, flavor, and warming effect of ethanol and higher alcohols, Described as "hot."

Aroma (9/12): Piney American hops laced with caramel maltiness, with very little alcohol astringency.  A small amount of biscutty roundness in the background. No DMS or diacetyl.

Appreance (2/3): Medium brown in color. Extremely small head that does not last and is a light cream color. Cloudy with ruby hue.

Flavor (15/20): Initial maltiness / hop balance. Maltiness showcases caramel mostly with background of biscut. Hops are a piney spicess [sic] but well balanced. Alcohol warmth at first then pushes the hot range at the end. Slight esters of pear. Bitterness is strong throughout and lingers. Balances malty.

Mouthfeel (3/5): Medium – full bodied that is not heavy in the tongue. Carbonation is extremely low (probably because of age). Slight astrigency at the end from alcohol. Definitely warming because of the alcohol.

Overall Impression (7/10): Very full-bodied American rendition of a barleywine. Hops and malt are appropriate. The use of bittering hops could be slightly higher, the balance is malty and should be hoppier. Well attenuated but the alcohol may be too hot (could settle out with age).

Total (36/50)

Judge #2 BJCP ID B0637 Apprentice

Descriptor Definitions: Alcoholic - The aroma, flavor, and warming effect of ethanol and higher alcohols, Described as "hot."

Aroma (8/12): Malty with dark fruit notes in the background. Low to medium fruity esters, a little too high to style.

Appearance (2/3): Dark hazy gold to very light hazy brown. Very little head – to style.

Flavor (14/20): Grapefruit flavor with light fruit. Slightly harsh on the middle back of tongue. Bitterness high – hop flavor medium.

Mouthfeel (3/5): Very warm with a citrus blast a little light on body.

Overall impression (7/10): Would like to see a little more citrusy piney like aromas more of a dark fruit toastyness – overall nice – I do like the slight variation of the true style.

Total (34/50)

So I was very happy with my showing again. This was my fourth homebrew competition. I have had two very goods (both placing a 35/50), a good (29/50), and a fair (19/50). I haven't written on the good (which I still may, but I entered it into the incorrect category) and I don't have scoresheets on the fair (before this blog started). I have two more entries in the Octoberfest competition in Cincinnati here on 22 October.

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  1. Congrats again, man! I hope to enter some competitions in the coming months, as I've got some stuff I'm really proud of right now. Getting all of that expert feedback would be awesome.