Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Cerise from Founders Brewing Company

Some days I don't need to be in the lab working and can work from places other than the University. This day, I decided to work from my local brew pub, Quarter Barrel Brewery and Pub. All I was doing at the time was statistics on my laptop. The day was sunny and warm at 24°C and a slight breeze; it was absolutely beautiful day, it was time to sit out and work. The nice day brought on the thoughts of a refreshing drink and from the taps I found Founders Cerise.

Founders Brewery was one of my favorite places to be while living in Grand Rapids, Michigan. I lived all around Grand Rapids for a period of 7 years, off and on. Some days it was a battle on where to spend my time, because there were so many great breweries in the are (New Holland Brewing Company to name another).

Cerise is a fruit beer, but not a supper sweet beer. It is fermented with Michigan tart cherries and has a ABV and IBU of 6.5% and 15 respectively. I could not find any information on the types of malts, hops and yeast that were used, so I am not able to give readers that.

My thoughts on fruit beers are not always the best. There are relatively few that are not overpowering and taste like cough syrup. This is one that hits right were I want with a fruit beer. The beer was served in a tulip glass at 8 oz. The review:

Appearance: Pours a coppery red with brilliant clarity and a bright white head with pink hues that quickly dies down to a lacy ring on the glass. The level of carbonation was low to medium. The amount of malty coating of the glass by the beer was minimal, but the lacy head coated the glass as it was drank.

Aroma: Right off the nose I get the cherries, not sweet, but very tart that gives almost a sour note on the beer. I also get caramel and bready notes from the malts used in the beer. I am unable to get any hints of hops in the beer.

Taste: A tartness is the first thing that I pull from my first sip. As the beer washes back over my palate, tastes of caramels, bread, and sourness comes to my taste buds. The tartness of the beer comes directly from using the Michigan tart cherries, instead of esters from the yeast. The level of sweetness is minimal and no bitterness.

Mouthfeel: The body of the beer is low-to-medium, with medium carbonation. The cherries linger on the taste buds

Overall: A very refreshing beer have. It is the right amount of tartness. And not overly sweet. What I have heard from the folks at Founders, was that the Cerise is to replace the Rabaeus, their Raspberry beer.

I have to say that I have a fondness for anything from Founders, because it is my home taproom. I am happy to see a little bit of home at far away places. Cerise from Founders Brewing Company is currently on tap.

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