Tuesday, November 16, 2010

I am a craft beer drinker.

I am currently doing a photo cataloging of my collection of beer that I have drank.  I currently have a collection of over 400 empty bottles, plus probably 2 dozen in my cellar.  My hopes is, when I have a house, to have a place to display them.  Most likely it will be in the basement (might be reasoning that is out of my hands), where I will have a "man cave."  This will also have a places to sit and probably a dart board, a beer refrigerator (glass front), no television, maybe a place to brew beer at, and the like.  

I was looking through what I have drank, and it reminds me of the styles that I like and how my tastes have changed.  I do love craft beer.  And yes, when I am absolutely broke, I will drink Pabst, but that is merely for nostalgic reasons (that I will not go into explanation right now). Top styles on my list are always: IPA and Barleywines.

I am a craft beer drinker.  I have been am avid craft beer enthusiast for years now.  In college, when my friends would just drink to get drunk, I would go to Sicilianos Market to make a 6-pack of my favorite beer.  Call me a snob, but I drink for the enjoyment and the taste.

Craft beer has grown in popularity now.  There are videos and television shows over craft beer.  Discover Channel is coming out with a new show called Brew Masters and there is a weekly show called New Brew Thursday on the Internet that I thoroughly enjoy.  There are also quite a variety of blogs and videos throughout the Internet universe.

This makes me happy, as a craft beer drinker and as a homebrewer!  I currently added in to my beer making a gig in helping out brewing for a local bar in Oxford, OH called Quarter Barrel Brewery and Pub.  Though they don't have a web site as of yet, they do have a facebook page (and that is what counts....right?).  I am only helping out and am not the brewer, but it is fun to do on a bigger scale. 

I am a craft beer drinker, and I want to leave you with these couple of youtube videos to explain it all (plus, it always makes me smile!):

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