Friday, November 26, 2010

Beer Blog: The Greatest Beer of All Time

In the past year or so, blogs have became ever-popular.  Blogs can be found on many different aspects of daily life (e.g., food, books, environmental and government issues [my other blog called Third Eye Wide Open], other random things people like to write about, etc.).  Blogs have even been talked about in television show (i.e., an episode of House) and made fun of in movies (i.e., Dr. Horrible Sing-A-Long Blog). 

There are also many different blogs on beer out there.  These blogs range from reviews, brewing techniques, and beer chemistry.  One, in-particular, The Greatest Beer of All Time, is by far my favorite on reviewing beer.

The Greatest Beer of All Time is a blog built by a couple of guys near Chicago, IL (50 miles west).  There are 6 people that review and write about beer.  There are 3 main guys that review beer (Jason, Wes, and Steve).  What I find unique for this blog, is that you they review beers that are hard to find and beers can search for reviews by Brewer or Style.  They even have posts on homebrews.

A recent e-mail, Jason told me that the site was built "last December when I got tired of the snobbish BS found on websites like Beer Advocate & Ratebeer.  I love craft beer and want to spread the gospel, bring more people into the movement and make them realize that there are better choices in beer.  I chose the name Greatest Beer Of All Time because I am a person of extremes and the website is about finding your own personal Greatest Beer Of All Time."

What I find on this blog are reviews from beer that I hardly hear of or styles from breweries that I know that I never get to taste.  It makes me want to go out and find these beers or go on a beer expedition to the brewery.  They even have a Facebook and Twitter pages at which you can read exerts from there blogs.

There is nothing better than reading about beer and from reading blogs, it makes your mouth water.  These guys do a perfect job at that!

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