Saturday, October 16, 2010

Cincinnati Oktoberbest Homebrew Compettion

For my first blog of this page I wanted to begin with some notes from the competition that I entered.  This year I entered the Cincinnati Malt Infuser's Oktoberbest Homebrew Competition.  It was a American Homebrew Association sponsored competition and was judged by certified judges.  I entered a Saison under category 16c.  Out of a total of 50 points, both judges scored a 35 on it, which I didn't fee was too bad.  I did not place, but at least I have some notes of what others thought.

Here are some comments:

Judge #1 (BJCP Apprentice): Aroma (10/12) - "sweetness from malt with distinct esters of orange, a light indistinct phenol bite, a light spiciness from hops, no diacetyl."  Appearance (3/3) - "deep gold, with a foam white head that dissipates to ring the glass.  Hazy in clarity."  Flavor (13/20) - Malty sweetness, with ester of sweet orange citrus, a tiny glimmer of phenolic bite from yeast and spice that I could not determine with clarity and spiciness and spiciness from hops, finish is smooth and sweet."  Mouthfeel (4/5) - "A medium light body, little creaminess, with a noted alcoholic warmth, no astrigent is noted, medium carbonation."  Overall impression (5/10) - "Some mustiness associated with glassware, no points deducted, a bit too sweet, expecting more phenols"

Judge #2 (BJCP National):  Aroma (8/12) - "subdued spice - earthy.  Little to no malt character.  Hop/spiciness is there as it warms.  Anise.  Becomes much more complex (spice and hops) as it warms."  Appearance (2/3) - "Slightly hazy, pale straw, low carbon dioxide did not create much foam, however lace lingers."  Flavor (14/20)  Rich bready - malt flavor up front and into mid-palate.  Dry/spiciness finish lasts and lasts bordering on puckering astringency .  2nd sip brings back malt and pronounced alcohol warmth.  Hop flavors moderate - spiciness and balanced.  Bitterness is strong and appropriate - contributing a long, dry finish."  Mouthfeel (4/5) - "Very full - okay, still surprising dry profile overall - not creamy or cloying - very nice.  Low carbon dioxide - but it style.  Not stringent as noted above - that was due to spice and bitterness."  Overall Impression (7/10) - Spicy quality of the beers lingers and lingers - well strong - alcohol pronounced.  Malt and wheat flavors are subdued to the intense spice and hop profile - in the style.  Would like to have had the malt flavors/sweetness last into mid-tongue (subjective).  Higher mash temperature.

So I was happy with my overall performance.  They said that it was a good show and the scoring guide showed a very good performance (generally withing style parameters, some minor flaws).  The stylistic accuracy was marked 3/5 or 4/5, Flawless 3/5 or 4/5, and Intangibles 3/5 or 5/5 by he two judges respectively.

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